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Photo by Holter

Photo by Holter

The Vordun Museum and Gallery's aim is to bring art, history, and culture to the residents of Second Life. Many people around the world do not have access to or are unable to visit a museum, while others simply enjoy the unique atmosphere museums give. The Vordun’s mission is to be a hub for residents to learn, experience art, and connect with not just the exhibits, but with each other.


Our goal is to make The Vordun feel as close to a “real-life” museum as possible. Because of this, you won’t find many, if any, of the tell-tale visual signs you’re in a virtual world. We try to avoid visual things such as “click here” signs, floating text, large group joiner signs, or anything else that may take you out of that museum experience and tell you you’re in a virtual world. More important to this, we have created a space that looks and feels like a real museum, with exhibits that are interactive and full of quality content.


Create a real life museum atmosphere and experience for the residents of Second Life.


Offer quality exhibitions with curated content that tells a story, or explains a craft.


Offer a place for the residents of Second Life to connect with one another and discuss art and history.


Remove the pretentious image some may have about art and museums. They’re for everyone!


“A visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth, and meaning in our lives. Go to museums as often as you can.”

Maira Kalman  |  ARTIST



Photo by Holter

Photo by Holter

The Vordun Museum and Gallery was first opened in July of 2016. Due to a lack of highly detailed museums that gave a real-life feel in Second Life, it was Jake Vordun’s goal to make it happen. The Vordun first opened with just three exhibits: European Masters: 300 Years of Painting (still on display today), A Night to Remember: a Titanic Experience Like Never Before by Emery Milneaux, and Lip Service, by Celeste “Jim” Forwzy. These exhibits were the start of a museum that would grow and change over the next two years. Exhibitions came and went, and some proved loved enough to permanently make their homes at The Vordun.

To mark the third anniversary of The Vordun Museum and Gallery, a whole new vision for the museum was made a reality housed on its very own sim. The once small museum expanded immensely, increasing gallery space by more than 100%, and changing the small box of a lobby into a vast entrance worthy of the art behind its doors. New additions to add to the reality of the museum included the Common Grounds museum cafe, offices, archives, coat check, elevator, bathrooms, and an improved gift shop. In total, more than 60 new mesh items were created specifically for this newly renovated version of The Vordun.


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