Frost: Visions of Winter

Autumn has just begun, but winter is right around the corner! Frost: Visions of Winter is a new small exhibit that will be opening its doors just in time for winter. Frost will feature 20 paintings, drawings, prints, and manuscripts depicting some aspect of winter ranging from the 15th to the 20th centuries. These aspects of winter include depictions of period winter clothing, landscapes, feasts, and more.

Frost: Visions of Winter will be the final exhibit to open its doors in the current build at The Vordun. All future exhibitions will be opened in the all-new build that will be opening its doors in 2019! We are extremely excited for these big changes.

Join us at the opening of this new exhibition November 1 at noon SLT.


Trim the Tree!

Today we had a community tree decorating activity. Art lovers and museum goers all over the grid came and helped decorate The Vordun's Christmas tree, which now stands in the center of the main gallery.  This is all preparation for the upcoming opening of Adoration: The Nativity from Medieval to Baroque, which opens December 3rd at noon SLT (tomorrow).

Here are some pictures snapped by some museum visitors:

Museum goers help decorate the giant tree, which stands in the middle of The Vordun. Photo courtesy of Anderian Sugarplum.

An aerial view of visitors hard-at-work. Photo courtesy of Trixie Lanley

A group photo at the end of the even with the fully-decorated Christmas tree. 

A close-up look at the tree.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped out! It was such a festive time, and I hope to see everyone reading this at the opening tomorrow!

-Jake Vordun

Adoration: The Nativity from Medieval to Baroque

Showcasing twenty paintings, prints, and manuscripts, Adoration: The Nativity from Medieval to Baroque showcases this popular art subject. Most old masters were familiar with the nativity, and painted their own interpretation of it. See how artists from different time periods and regions, and using different methods, took on the story of Jesus's birth.


Dementophilia – Echo 01

A journey down the absurd mental images created in disbelief of reality. Whispers in the dark corners of the night. Sounds giving you goosebumps that keep you from sleeping. Nothing is real, but it's all controlling your senses. Voices breaking your soul and putting it back together, creating sensations, embracing them. The worst of fears, accepting that you're trapped in a dream where pain is real and reality is fading away.

From the creative mind of artist Federico Sosa, Dementophilia - Echo 01 brings together painting and sculpture in a cohesive way, utilizing and even taking over the the gallery space.

Join us on Sunday, October 22nd at noon SL time for the opening of this unique, immersive, and original exhibit. The artist will be present for the opening.


Pictures of the Floating World

Pictures of the Floating World: The Art of the Japanese Woodblock Print showcases the centuries old art of Japanese printmaking. Full of color, nature, and beauty, this exhibit will transport you to Edo-period Japan (17th-19th centuries), and explain how these intricate masterpieces were created, and are still being created today.


Join us Sunday, June 11th at noon SLT for the grand opening of Pictures of the Floating World for an afternoon of beauty and history.

Proverbs of the Low Countries

A picture is worth a thousand words.... and then some! Join us Sunday, May 7th at noon SLT for the grand opening of Proverbs of The Low Countries. This new permanent installation will take you through over 110 proverbs portrayed in the famous painting Netherlandish Proverbs by 16th century painter, Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

Utilizing Second Life's experience key system, Proverbs will guide your camera around the monumental piece explaining the old sayings use at the time of the paintings creation, which are portrayed in the painting itself.



SINCERELY YOURS is now open at The Vordun Museum and Gallery! Will you explore a church in the Netherlands, have tea in Russia, or maybe release lanterns in China? Explore the world through postcards!

There are also postcards in the gift shop (some free too!) that are scripted for you to add your own message and give them to friends and family! Send one to Jake Vordun with a comment about your experience at The Vordun to be part of an upcoming display!

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A Vordun Old Master Exclusive

     The Vordun is proud to announce the addition of an exclusive piece to the permanent collection "European Masters."  This quaint little painting by Dutch Golden Age painter Albert Jansz. Klomp (1625-1688) measures just 39 centimeters tall, and now hangs to-scale for you to view in-world.

     The subject of this pastoral landscape painting is in the title of the piece itself, A Bull in a Meadow with Goats near a Tree. Albert Klomp is known for painting pastoral scenes, and his pieces have often been mistaken for Paulus Potter, celebrated Dutch master. Klomp's pieces can be seen today in museums such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and the Fitzwilliam Museum in England.

     This painting was recently acquired in real life by The Vordun, and recreated in 3-D mesh to exhibit exclusively at The Vordun's permanent collection European Masters: 300 Years of Painting. Plan your visit today!

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Holiday time at The Vordun

The holiday season is upon us! On Thursday we asked patrons of the museum to join us in a community-decorating of the tree now in the main gallery! Together we put over 180 ornaments on the tree!

A special thank you to all of the people who came and gave a hand in decorating this gorgeous tree!

Frame Restoration - Turning Lack into Luster

     Over time, like paintings, frames lose their former glory. Decorative pieces crumble and break off, and gilding loses its luster. In the fine art world, frame restoration is very important. Every museum has a team of restorers, not just for the art but the frames. A frame restorer must know many different skill sets, including carving intricate designs from wood or plaster, painting, matching aging, gilding, woodworking, and more.
     Luckily, in the virtual world this process is much easier, and not really even necessary. That being said, sometimes a painting deserves an updated or "restored" frame even in a virtual setting. This week at The Vordun, we have "restored" four frames that were somewhat dull and lack-luster. Instead of woodworking, painting, and carving, the virtual process requires just 3-D rendering, and Photoshop work.

  • This painting had a very plain and smooth frame with somewhat soft corners. It was doing the painting no justice. We've added sharper bevels, and decorative line-work overall.

Allegory of Fortune, ca. 1658
Salvator Rosa (Italian, 1615-1673), Frame Detail

  • Here, we have went from another plain, rather muddy gold frame, and gave it more defined lines/corners, and a decorative detail. 

View of Warsaw from the Terrace of the Royal Castle, 1773
Bernardo Bellotto (Italian, 1721-1780) Frame Detail

  • Similar to the previous two, this frame received a simple spiral "carved" detail, along with more refined lines, and a more vibrant gold color.

Richard Peers Symons, M.P., 1770-1771
Sir Joshua Reynolds (English, 1723-1792) Frame Detail

  • This last frame got the most simple "restoration" of the four. No flourish or intricate detail was added, just new sharp lines and corners, and a more vibrant color.

The Honourable Mrs Graham, 1775
Thomas Gainsborough (English, 1727-1788) Frame Detail

If you want to see these new frames, purchase them, or haven't seen the collection yet, visit today!
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A great opening week!

The inaugural week of The Vordun has been such a great success! Hundreds of Second Life residents have passed through to take the time and learn about art, and history. Positive feedback from you all has been such a pleasure for the exhibitors and curators, and continues to bring a smile to our face every day. If you haven't planned your trip to the museum, grab some friends and family and enjoy the experience!

Photo by Wendz Tempest

Visitors peruse the artwork in "European Masters: 300 Years of Painting"  Photo by Wendz Tempest

Visitors admire the original artwork in "Lip Service," by Celeste Forwzy

A museum-goer watches a sped-up simulation of the sinking of the Titanic, in "A Night to Remember"

A section from "A Night to Remember," photo by Wendz Tempest

A look at the beautiful museum grounds. Landscaping and photo by Wendz Tempest