A great opening week!

The inaugural week of The Vordun has been such a great success! Hundreds of Second Life residents have passed through to take the time and learn about art, and history. Positive feedback from you all has been such a pleasure for the exhibitors and curators, and continues to bring a smile to our face every day. If you haven't planned your trip to the museum, grab some friends and family and enjoy the experience!

Photo by Wendz Tempest

Visitors peruse the artwork in "European Masters: 300 Years of Painting" Photo by Wendz Tempest

Visitors admire the original artwork in "Lip Service," by Celeste Forwzy

A museum-goer watches a sped-up simulation of the sinking of the Titanic, in "A Night to Remember"

A section from "A Night to Remember," photo by Wendz Tempest

A look at the beautiful museum grounds. Landscaping and photo by Wendz Tempest

Jake Vordun