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The New Vordun Grand Opening

Join us for the biggest event at The Vordun Museum and Gallery to date! The grand opening of the all-new Vordun Museum and Gallery build will be monumental! With a new build on a sim of its own, The Vordun is doubling in size. Come see 4 brand new exhibits, Common Grounds Cafe, improved gift shop, spacious lobby, offices, archives, and more!

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to Mar 17

Frost: Visions of Winter

Join us at the opening of this new exhibition November 1 at noon SLT!

Autumn has just begun, but winter is right around the corner! Frost: Visions of Winter is a new small exhibit that will be opening its doors just in time for winter. Frost will feature 20 paintings, drawings, prints, and manuscripts depicting some aspect of winter ranging from the 15th to the 20th centuries. These aspects of winter include depictions of period winter clothing, landscapes, feasts, and more.

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to Feb 10

Adoration: The Nativity from Medieval to Baroque

Showcasing twenty paintings, prints, and manuscripts, Adoration: The Nativity from Medieval to Baroqueshowcases this popular art subject. Most old masters were familiar with the nativity, and painted their own interpretation of it. See how artists from different time periods and regions, and using different methods, took on the story of Jesus's birth.

Just in time for the holidays, Adoration opens Sunday, December 3rd at noon SLT.

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A new exhibit featuring all 51 winners of The Arcade Photography Contest.

Since its first round in September of 2012, The Arcade has held a photography contest to highlight the incredible talent of their vendors and shoppers. Entries were encouraged to be “fun, nostalgic, quirky or dramatic," and participants were instructed to include at least five items from The Arcade in their submissions. In the four years that followed, The Arcade received over 1,500 submissions throughout the contest's run. The response was overwhelming, but round by round, The Arcade's owners sifted through these amazing entries and winners were chosen based upon originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact, and artistic merit. By the time the contest came to a close in October of 2016, 51 winners had been selected. Today, The Arcade invites you to celebrate these winners with an upcoming exhibit, aptly titled #WINNING.
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to Nov 27

REMISSION by Mikel Monk

Coming to the Vordun October 16th, Remission brings a collection of raw and expressive pen drawings by Mikel Monk. 

Contrasts. That is the one word that I would use to sum up my work. It is minimal at first glace, yet the beings and beasts represented are filled with complex and grave human conditions. My work seems hurried and rushed, even messy. Each line drawn is a mistake, has flaws, is worked and
reworked with purpose. My aim is to show that humans are filled with flaws and that we make mistakes. That life is in a constant flux and often unfinished.  
-Mikel Monk

Remission runs from October 16th until November 27th. 

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