Frame Restoration - Turning Lack into Luster

     Over time, like paintings, frames lose their former glory. Decorative pieces crumble and break off, and gilding loses its luster. In the fine art world, frame restoration is very important. Every museum has a team of restorers, not just for the art but the frames. A frame restorer must know many different skill sets, including carving intricate designs from wood or plaster, painting, matching aging, gilding, woodworking, and more.
     Luckily, in the virtual world this process is much easier, and not really even necessary. That being said, sometimes a painting deserves an updated or "restored" frame even in a virtual setting. This week at The Vordun, we have "restored" four frames that were somewhat dull and lack-luster. Instead of woodworking, painting, and carving, the virtual process requires just 3-D rendering, and Photoshop work.

  • This painting had a very plain and smooth frame with somewhat soft corners. It was doing the painting no justice. We've added sharper bevels, and decorative line-work overall.

Allegory of Fortune, ca. 1658
Salvator Rosa (Italian, 1615-1673), Frame Detail

  • Here, we have went from another plain, rather muddy gold frame, and gave it more defined lines/corners, and a decorative detail.

View of Warsaw from the Terrace of the Royal Castle, 1773
Bernardo Bellotto (Italian, 1721-1780) Frame Detail

  • Similar to the previous two, this frame received a simple spiral "carved" detail, along with more refined lines, and a more vibrant gold color.

Richard Peers Symons, M.P., 1770-1771
Sir Joshua Reynolds (English, 1723-1792) Frame Detail

  • This last frame got the most simple "restoration" of the four. No flourish or intricate detail was added, just new sharp lines and corners, and a more vibrant color.

The Honourable Mrs Graham, 1775
Thomas Gainsborough (English, 1727-1788) Frame Detail

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Jake Vordun