A Vordun Old Master Exclusive

     The Vordun is proud to announce the addition of an exclusive piece to the permanent collection "European Masters."  This quaint little painting by Dutch Golden Age painter Albert Jansz. Klomp (1625-1688) measures just 39 centimeters tall, and now hangs to-scale for you to view in-world.

     The subject of this pastoral landscape painting is in the title of the piece itself, A Bull in a Meadow with Goats near a Tree. Albert Klomp is known for painting pastoral scenes, and his pieces have often been mistaken for Paulus Potter, celebrated Dutch master. Klomp's pieces can be seen today in museums such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and the Fitzwilliam Museum in England.

     This painting was recently acquired in real life by The Vordun, and recreated in 3-D mesh to exhibit exclusively at The Vordun's permanent collection European Masters: 300 Years of Painting. Plan your visit today!

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Jake Vordun