Trim the Tree!

Today we had a community tree decorating activity. Art lovers and museum goers all over the grid came and helped decorate The Vordun's Christmas tree, which now stands in the center of the main gallery.  This is all preparation for the upcoming opening of Adoration: The Nativity from Medieval to Baroque, which opens December 3rd at noon SLT (tomorrow).

Here are some pictures snapped by some museum visitors:

Museum goers help decorate the giant tree, which stands in the middle of The Vordun. Photo courtesy of Anderian Sugarplum.

An aerial view of visitors hard-at-work. Photo courtesy of Trixie Lanley

A group photo at the end of the even with the fully-decorated Christmas tree. 

A close-up look at the tree.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped out! It was such a festive time, and I hope to see everyone reading this at the opening tomorrow!

-Jake Vordun

Jake Vordun